JUNG offers workshops i dance (house, hiphop, afrobeat, breaking, popping) and dj’ing.  

︎ Tonje Svendsen (hiphop, popping)
︎ Kwamé (FR / house)
︎ Hawa Janlo (afrobeat)
︎ Anney Niyokindi (afrobeat)
︎ Inger Flotve (house)
︎ Mab’ish (FR / house)
︎ Rasmus Solberg (breaking)
︎ Simon Alejandro (dj’ing)
︎ Fabian Iden (breaking)
︎ Sara Iden (hiphop)
︎ Jayboogie (hiphop)
︎ Klara Blitzner (afrobeat)
︎ Eirik ‘LPeewee’ Blåsternes (skate)

Afrobeat-workshop with Klara Blitzner
Finally we can announce our first JUNG - event of 2022!

We look forward to a new afrobeat workshop with the amazing Klara Blitzner!

This will be on Saturday the 5th of February at Bergen Dansesenter (USF Verftet) from 13:00 - 15:00.

- 20 spots available
- open level
- the event is FREE

Sign up HER!!

Covid -19:
We keep distance and use antibac.
Stay home if you have any symptoms.

Any questions ?
Send us a DM on instagram ( Jung_brgn ) or email sara@jungelenung.no

Plakat: Tuva Tørresdal 

Niako (FR) hiphop-workshop + dancejamIts happening ... Finally the French hiphop-dancer Niako is coming back to town!

Niako, the legend, has many years experience as a dancer and with teaching and he's won Juste Debout ( The biggest hiphop-dance event in the world ) more than once.On Sunday the 13th of February he holds a hiphop-workshop at Step In Dansestudio, and at night he will be the dj of our dance jam at Bergen Kjøtt!
We look forward to see all of you there! Invite your friends 

Sunday 13th of February!

From 12:00 - 14:00 Hiphop-workshop with Niako at Step In Dansestudio. (sign up)
Address: Ulsmågvegen 7
Bus stop: Midtun

From 19:00 - 21:00 Open dance jam at Bergen Kjøtt with dj Niako. (no sign up, just show up)
Address: Skutevikstorget 1
Bus stop: Skutevikstorget

- Both events are FREE

The sign up for the workshop opens at Monday 12 o'clock via link HERE!

COVID -19: We keep distance and use antibac. If you have any symptoms, don't come!

Any questions? Send us a DM on instagram (@jung_brgn) or mail to sara@jungelenung.no
Poster by Tuva Tørresdal 

Interested in booking a workshop?In addition to our own activities, we set up workshops in dance, DJing and skating for other institutions and teams.
We have previously tailored workshops and hangouts (less formal events) for, among others, Forandringshuset Loddefjord, Utekontakten in Bergen, the Red Cross and Møhlenpris Idrettslag.

Our instructors Sara, Rasmus, Simon and LPeewee are especially involved in these workshops. Contact us by email for prices and more information: post@jungelenung.no


Any questions?
︎Send us a DM through Insta (@jung_brgn) ︎
︎Send an e-mail to post@jungelenung.no ︎

︎If you have been feeling sickly or have had symptoms lately, stay at home! We’ll be here when you feel better.
︎We observe the current infection control rules that apply at the time the event is held.